Bowl Cleaners


Diversey Crew™ Super Blue Mild Acid Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz.

Dual organic acid toilet bowl cleaner. Thickened formula clings to vertical surfaces. Keeps bowls and urinals clean and free of tough stains. Neutralizes odors. Dark blue in color with a citrus scent. 12 per pack; squeeze bottles.

Alternate #94476081

Bright Solutions® Fresh & Brite Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

This unique, thick and clinging formula provides prolonged contact time on vertical surfaces and holds to bowl mop for superior cleaning. Harmless to drains and pipes.

Alternate #BSL3220012

Bright Solutions® Magic Blue Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

Fast acting HCI bowl cleaner. Safe for drains and pipes. Turns blue on contact with water. Dilution: RTU.

Alternate #BSL92130012

Diversey Crew® Clinging Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 32 oz

9.25% HCI toilet bowl disinfectant that clings to vertical surfaces. Thickened formula that clings to vertical surfaces. Green in color with a fresh floral scent. Ready to use squeeze bottle.

Alternate #4578