3M™ Niagara™ Scrubbing Sponge No. 63N

Size: 6.1" x 3.6" x 0.7", Light Duty.

Alternate #19429

Scotch-Brite® Medium Duty Scrub Sponge No. 74

Dual action green cleaning pad/yellow sponge works well on walls, tables, fixtures, countertops and floors. Size: 3.6" x 6.1" x 0.7".

Alternate #20688

Royal Stainless Steel Sponges

High-grade stainless steel with four sided strands will not rust or splinter. Removes baked-on food from pots, baking dishes, ovens and grills. Size: 6" x 9" x 0.3". 35 grams. Pack: 12/12.

Alternate #S730

Scotch-Brite® Power Sponge No. 3000

Two cleaning tools in one--Scotch-Brite™ Power Pad 2000 combined with a sponge that will stay fresh longer. Size: 2.8" x 4.5" x 0.6".

Alternate #23163