Dust Mops




Rubbermaid® Trapper® Wedge Mop Head - Looped End

For spot dust mopping in tight corners, under equipment or behind furniture. Trapper® looped-end or Kut-A-Way® cut-end triangle shaped wedge mops. Wood handle with heavy gauge plated wire frame fits either style head. Envelope-end backing style.

O'Dell Continuous Twist Dust Mop Refill - 5" x 36", Blue

The perfect mop for maximum dust pickup and longevity. The imbalanced twist in the synthetic blend yarn produces single end loops that provide unmatched dust capturing capacity and durability. The materials and construction used in producing the JJ series offer extended service. Standard slot pocket construction. Available in blue, red, green, yellow, orange, and natural. Launderable.

Rubbermaid® Superstat™ Dust Mop - 24" x 5"

All synthetic, cut-end mop requires no dust mop treatment for general use and great performance. Easy "rinse and drip dry" or fully launderable for long product life. Envelope-end backing style. Blue.

Wedge Dust Head

For hard-to-reach overhead areas and corners. Cut-end white cotton yarn. Fits wedge frame/handle sold separately.

Alternate #UNS1491