High Density Roll


Bright Solutions® Perforated High Density Can Liners

Made from HDPE resin and packed in a white color box for easy identification. Each roll is perforated on a star-sealed coreless roll for quick handling and dispensing.

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24x24 6mic HDPE LINER-NAT 1M

33x40 16mic HDPE LINER-NAT 250

38x60 17mic HDPE LINER-NAT 200

40x48 22mic HDPE LINER-NAT 200

43x48 22mic HDPE LINER-BLK 150

Bright Solutions® High Density Liner-33 x 40, 22 mic,Black

Possess impressive film strength and perform under temperature extremes of -40° F to 212° F. Provides and odor and moisture barrier. Excellent choice for trash application without sharp edges.

Alternate #BSLH334022K

Ascent High Density Roll Liner - 30 x 37, 13 mic, Natural

Available in various sizes.

Inteplast HDPE Institutional Can Liner - 38 x 60, 12 mic,Nat

Great for paper and non-sharp objects under moderate transportation conditions. It has excellent resistance to puncture and moderate resistance to tearing. Great for cost saving. Prime resins used for superior quality. Compact coreless interleaved rolls for effortless bag dispensing. Star seal bottom.